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At the Global Knowledge for Development Summit, held in Vienna, Austria, on October 14th 2016, the Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) community was presented with the international, annual Knowledge Management Award. Since 2009, the Knowledge Management Award has been presented to outstanding individual and organizational pioneers in the field of knowledge management and the knowledge society. Although the award has previously only been given to individuals and organizations, this was the first time that a community has been presented with the award.  KM4Dev is honored to stand alongside previous award winners including UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Bank, the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), Prof. Ursula Hendrich Schneider, Dr. Charles Savage, Prof. Stefan Güldenberg, Prof. Nico Stehr, Prof. Klaus North, and Dr. Angelika Mittelmann.

As a voluntary, self-governing community, KM4Dev’s over four thousand members come together – at least digitally – from every continent in the world to continue learning about knowledge management issues and approaches in support of international and knowledge development in all its diversity. Since the year 2000, the KM4Dev community has reflected upon, responded to and influenced the evolving landscape of knowledge management practice in the field of international development. Check its valuable resource package as well as diverse groups and join it if you are eager to learn and share!

In 2015, the KM4Dev Austria Group has been initiated to foster exchange, learning and sharing within the Austrian community of development organizations interested in Knowledge Management. Join us in our online-group or contact members to be informed on next meetings and topics to be discussed!



Further, the first edition of an AGENDA KNOWLEDGE 4 DEVELOPMENT including KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT GOALS  were presented and discussed at the Vienna event in October 2016. Various representatives of public, private, civil society and academia contributed with statements in order to develop this Agenda. Also some HORIZONT3000 partner organizations and HORIZONT3000 contributed their view.

A second edition of the Agenda and the Knowledge Development Goals will be presented and discussed in April at a Knowledge Management conference at United Nations Office at Geneva in cooperation with the UN Joint Inspection Unit.

HORIZONT3000 will continue to support this initiative and inform you on progress.





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