Policy Dialogue Consortium Project – Kick off Phase II

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The Policy Dialogue Project, funded by the Austrian Development Agency, has the objective to strengthen capacities of East African CSOs regarding their Policy Dialogue engagement. It supports CSOs in promoting the interests and needs of marginalized populations in policy making processes. In February this year, the Kick Off Workshop of the second project phase of the Consortium Project was celebrated in Nairobi, Kenya. In the workshop, participants also had a look at the guidelines and recommendations for CSOs engagement in Policy Dialogue, which were worked out in the pilot Phase.

From 2014 to 2016, a Consortium of 5 Austrian NGOs led by HORIZONT3000 and involving the Red Cross Austria, SOS Children’s Villages Austria, Caritas Austria and CARE Austria, implemented a pilot project with the objective to strengthen capacities of East African NGOs in the field of policy dialogue. With funding from the Austrian Development Agency, 7 East African organizations were trained on different tools and ways of engagement in policy dialogue and implemented action funds for policy dialogue initiatives.

The second phase of the consortium project started in January 2017 and is continuing with the promotion and implementation of proven approaches and activities for a successful Policy Dialogue in order to support CSOs in promoting the interests and needs of marginalized populations in policy making processes. The project provides tailor-made capacity development and financial support for the policy dialogue engagement of partner organizations. HORIZONT3000 is working with its local Kenyan partner organizations DESECE and GROOTS Kenya, along with the other local partner organizations of the Austrian Consortium: Kenya Red Cross, Rwanda Red Cross, SOS Children’s Village Uganda, SOS Children’s Village Tanzania, MIO-Net and CARE Uganda.

From February 20th until 22nd 2017, the Kick Off Workshop of the current project phase was celebrated in Limuru, close to Nairobi, Kenya. It focused on the participatory planning of the new project phase and the needs assessment for capacity development in order to support the partner organizations engagement in Policy Dialogue within the 3 years project in the best possible way.

As part of the recapitulation of the pilot phase, participants also had a look at the products that were elaborated by the consortia partners during that phase, such as: The Guidelines on Policy Dialogue for CSOs, drafted by a working group of East African partners and the Recommendations to CSOs, political/government representatives and to donors/ INGOs, gathered in a World Café Setting at the Final Sharing Event of the pilot project in October 2016 in Kampala. Both tools constitute work-in-progress outcomes, but we invite you to have a look at these valuable products relevant for CSOs and other stakeholders engaging in Policy Dialogue.

If you want to know more about the project, please consult the description in our project map (in German).