Zurück vom Einsatz: Rosa Nordeste

Rosa Nordeste worked since 2014 as an Advisor for Organisational Communication in Beira, Mozambique. That following short interviews brings some insights to her work.

You came back to Europe. Did you suffer a kind of cultural shock?

I just arrived in Portugal a few days ago, so as you can imagine, I am still finding my feet back in my own home since it feels like a totally new place… A person’s view and perception on everything changes… It makes it difficult to tell if there is even such thing as a ‚home country‘.


You have been working as a Technical Advisor for 3 years, did it meet your expectations? What was different?

I am very happy with my time in Mozambique, with the experiences I had there and with the work I developed. My expectations were that it would be a great time to grow personally and professionally and that was fulfilled. Work related, I shaped my approach, and as well how my work would be, according to the local input, always trying to do the best it was possible to do.


What stays of your work?

From the training part of the job I noticed that the people I worked with got more involved in practicing activities on the computer and interacted more with the colleagues as a form of more practice; as well the professionals in the countryside, students and other organizations have access to manuals adapted to their reality that can help them develop informatics skills.


Your biggest challenges, problems and the most positive moment? What did change you most, or influence you?

Challenges… there were many of course, they can go from lack of some infrastructure like when there was water shortage and your personal reservoir is finished… or to more overwhelming as the political instability felt in 2016 that made it difficult to travel to one of the Missions.

The most positive moments, I would connect to the relations built with some of the people… you feel their gratitude, and they will see within you, a friend for life, even if you do not know when your paths might cross again.

I believe your perspective about everything changes: you appreciate the little things in life more, little things that actually turn out to be the real big things in life; you know in your heart that you do not need a lot to be happy and feel fulfilled and you find it weird that the whole world does not work that way- you also find it strange that so many options now in humankind go against what is natural, authentic and what is good for us (in many fields as food wise, health, …).


You got any recommendation for someone new going abroad as a technical advisor?

To embrace the experience with an open mind and like an „empty book“: face everything as new and with no pre-conceptions, with no judgments on the culture, people or the new world they are experiencing. Embrace everything as brand new and as you were new to the world. I believe this attitude also helps you on doing a better work and connect to the people.