Technical Advisors in Kenya

Lisa Nixdorf


The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect   (ANPPCAN) Nairobi, Kenya

Professional Background: Lisa Nixdorf is a Social Enterprise and Business Development expert with a Magister in African Studies and Economics. She has more than 10 years experience in small enterprise development in East Africa. She has been working with international development organisations as well as the private sector before joining HORIZONT3000.

Project: The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is a pan-african children's rights organisation with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. ANPPCAN's mission is to enhance, in partnership with others, the prevention and protection of children from all forms of maltreatment, thus, ensuring that the rights of children are realized.

Assignment period: 23.04.2018 – 22.04.2020

Fran Deans


Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS) Nairobi, Kenya

Professional Background: Fran is a social anthropologist by training (PhD). During her career she has worked in the field of international development as a researcher, programme manager and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist. She has worked for, or in partnership with, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

Project Partner: GROOTS (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood) Kenya works to shift the perception of the role of grassroots women in rural and urban poor communities from vulnerable victimized recipients of goods and services to empowered and effective leaders mastering their own development.

Over the last 20 years, GROOTS Kenya has grown to a movement bringing together over 2,500 women-led self-help groups and community-based organizations in 14 out of the 47 counties in Kenya. Its administrative office is located in Nairobi.

GROOTS Kenya works in four programme areas namely: 1) Women Leadership and Governance, 2) Women and Property, 3) Community Responses to HIV and AIDS and 4) Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change.

Assignment period: 15.10.2017 – 15.10.2019

Overall Objective of Assignment: The overall objective of the assignment is to strengthen the capacity of GROOTS Kenya on advanced Monitoring and Evaluation, resource mobilization and documentation.

Expected results (sample):

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

  • M&E framework for the organization’s strategic plan (2016-20) operationalized, with a participatory role of the organized grassroots women movement in its implementation
  • Integrated M&E system developed
  • GROOTS Kenya staff and grassroots women-led advocacy teams knowledgeable about M&E concepts and methods

Resource mobilization

  • Proposals to attract donor and private funding to support GROOTS Kenya’s work developed


  • Internal reporting templates and existing project documentation improved
  • GROOTS Kenya staff able to write effective reports


Martina Rithaa


Rescue Dada, Advisor for  Monitoring, Evaluation and Programming for Social Work in Nairobi, Kenya

Professional Background: Martina is a professional Social worker and Social pedagogue, with a Masters in Evaluation (M.Eval) focusing development cooperation. She has working experience in the fields of (international) youth social work, project management, monitoring and evaluation as well as in cooperating with German and southern NGOs /CBOs.

Project Partner: Rescue Dada Centre (“Girl Child Rescue Centre” in Kiswahili) is a Charitable Children’s Institute (CCI) based in Kenya. It works to promote the rights of street children, with a specific focus on street girls. RDC has been operational since 1992 and has become an experienced, registered CCI with the capacity to rescue and rehabilitate 70 street girls every year, before reintegrating them in family-based care.

Assignment period:  21.04.2017 – 20.04.2019

Overall Objective of the Assignment: To contribute to increased livelihood security of rehabilitated / former street girls and economically vulnerable families, through residential rehabilitation and family empowerment activities.

Expected Results:

  • Results-based M&E system is functional and guiding Rescue Dada’s work.
  • Technical staff has improved capacities in project management and programme and activity implementation.
  • Rescue Dada Management sustainable resource mobilization strategy and implementation improved.
  • Rescue Dada Management capacities in developing and implementation its strategic plan improved.

Rainhard Krall


Mukuru Promotion Centre, Nairobi Kenya

Professional Background: Rainhard has Master in Mechanics and worked several years as a professional Mechanic in East Africa some years back. His current assignment at Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is as Technical advisor to advise and train the selected staff members/counterparts for repair and maintenance of MPC buildings and facilities.

Project Partner: Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is a church based charitable organization that was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1985. Since its inception MPC has expanded a great deal and now operates several projects that focus on the key areas: education, health, social rehabilitation and vocational training. The Mukuru slum lies within Nairobi’s industrial area with an estimated population of 600.000 people. The overall goal of MPC is to enable Mukuru community to attain sustainable and holistic human development and self-reliance.

Assignment period: 01/03/2016 – 28/02/2020

Overall Objective of Assignment: To contribute to improvement works, repairs works and maintainance of MPC buildings and facilities for the benefit of Mukuru Community.

Expected Results:

  • Maintainance and repais schedules prepared.
  • Sufficient water supply in all departments ensured.
  • Construction work supervised.
  • Materials required for major and minor repairs procured.
  • Train, coordinate and supervise staff in improvement works, general repairs and maintenance.

Britta Wulfekammer


Kenya Organic Agriculture Network, Nairobi Kenya

Professional Background: German born Britta Wulfekammer holds a Diploma in International Business Management and has worked in the private sector for cooperates such as IKEA and SONY. She joined HORIZONT3000 in 2014 and has since then lived and worked in Nairobi where she initially supported a children rights project in the informal settlements. KOAN is her 2nd project under Horizont3000.

Project Partner: KOAN (Kenya Organic Agriculture Network) is a network that provides leadership and professional services to its members and other stakeholders in the organic agriculture industry. Its main goal is to promote and strengthen the national organic agriculture sector by developing key competencies, skills and strategies.

Assignment period: 01/12/2014 – 28/11/2019