The HORIZONT3000 Technical Assistance Programme was established as a gateway between cultures, and comprises much more than a simple procurement of know-how. Our project staff members – also called Technical Advisors – have qualified professional expertise and practical work experience at their disposal. Before starting their assignments, they also undergo intensive project-specific training and intercultural preparation programmes, ensuring the optimal implementation of their expertise in the partner countries.


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We consider the advancement of Capacity Development as a core function of our work. By this we mean the expansion of the capacities of people, organisations and societies on various levels.

  • On an individual level this involves the strengthening of social and content related competencies as well as people’s sense of personal responsibility.
  • On an organisational level our primary focus is on optimisation of organisational and leadership structures.
  • On society and political levels the empowerment of civil society is essential for the implementation of autonomous and sustainable project


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