Technical Advisors in Uganda

Fera Agricola

Advisor for Food Processing and Business Development in at CARITAS MADDO Dairy in Masaka

Professional Background: Fera Agricola was born in The Netherlands. After completing her study in Food Technology in Bolsward she worked for 4 years in the Netherlands for NUTRICIA NV. But after a holiday in Indonesia she set her goals on working in Development Cooperation. Before going abroad she first went to the Agricultural University in Wageningen to get her Master degree in Food Science. In 1994, immediately after getting her degree, she left for Surinam, South America. After 6 years Surinam many more countries followed: Kosovo, Uganda and NW Tanzania, Indonesia and Mozambique. Next to experience in  Food Processing she also gained a lot of knowledge and experiences in Business Development Services and Microfinance.

Project Partner: The project partner is CARITAS MADDO, the development arm of the diocese of Masaka. They established in 2000 a small dairy processing plant for their dairy farmers were they can deliver the milk from their Frisian cows.

Assignment Period: 30/04/2016 - 29/04/2018

Overall Objective of Assignment: The overall objective of the assignment lies in the enhanced income generation of dairy farmers and sustainable operation of the dairy processing plant.

Expected Results:

  • Improved quality of the milk products produced by MADDO Dairy.
  • Well trained MADDO Dairy staff.
  • A functional quality and product development department within MADDO Dairy.
  • Improved Marketing Strategies for MADDO Dairy.
  • Establisged Sustainable Business Plan for MADDO Dairy.

Katharina Nosal Danuta

African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), Kampala

Professional Background: Katharina Nosal was born in Krakow (Poland). She has lived in Austria since 1980. She did her master degree in commercial sciences at Vienna University of Economics. She worked for more than 25 years for international groups in the areas of controlling and finance management. Her working experience concerns Central and Eastern Europe. In the last two years she studied animal assisted therapy and she was engaged in voluntary work with refugees in Austria.

Partner Organisation: ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect) The mission is to enhance in partnership with others, the prevention and protection of children from all forms of maltreatment, thus, ensuring that the rights of children are realized.

Assignment Period: 1.05.2016 – 30.04.2018

Overall Objectives of Assignment: It is to contribute to a more efficient financial management system in ANPPCAN Uganda chapter with its further consolidated organizational structure.

Expected Results:

ANPPCAN's financial management system and organizational structure improved in regards to:

  • financial system which ensures continuous, complete and correct recording of all financial transactions.
  • relevant staff at secretariat and district offices has the capacity to apply and obey financial management system.
  •  ANPPCAN organizational development process is successfully implemented.

Renate Sova

Youth Environment Service (YES), Busia

Professional Background: Renate Sova and her husband Béla Benkö are since May 2016 in Uganda, based in Busia, a small buzzling town on the border to Kenia. In the 90s Renate lived and worked 3 years in Guatemala with displaced people and human rights organizations. Since then she was working in different Austrian NGOs in educational work, project management and campaigning. She is trained as a teacher for special school, a systemic social manager and a trainer for intercultural communication. Since 2009 she was also working as a freelance consultant to NGOs in Austria (

Partner Organisation: Youth Environment Service Busia (YES Link is located in the town of Busia District at the Uganda-Kenya border. YES Busia is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation and non-profit community service organization. YES was established in 2000. YES has for the last 16 years contributed to Social Development in the local communities in Busia District. It is involved in health and reproductive health education, water, hygiene waste and sanitation management including farm level applied agricultural research and training, with the overall goal to contribute to poverty reduction in Busia District. The organisation is seeking support to continuously develop its structures, systems and processes.

Assignment Period: May 2016 – April 2018

Overall Objectives of Assignment: Strengthen local capacity and partnerships through better organisational development and good governance.

Expected Results:

  • Enhanced organisation capacity to operationalise strategic plan and staffing requirements.
  • The management and governance capacity improved.
  • Increased knowledge and skills in research, advocacy and lobbying and human rights among the staffs.
  • YES has existing networking and collaboration strategies aligned to its six core strategic plan.

Markus Werth

THETA Uganda, Kampala

Professional Background: Markus holds a degree in business administration from the University of Innsbruck. His majors are Management Accounting and Human Resource Management. Prior to his assignment with HORIZONT3000 he worked for one of the Big-Four services networks as an Auditor and for one of the top ticketing companies in the areas Controlling and Finance. While his main project is at THETA he is also working with several other organizations across East Africa. His task is to evaluate and assist in the areas monitoring and evaluation, budgeting, accounting and finance.

Project Partner: THETA-Uganda is a not-for-profit Ugandan Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and company limited by guarantee. The Organization was founded as a research project in 1992 and registered as a national NGO in 1995. THETA’s core mandate is to promote the use of indigenous knowledge in community and health development.

THETA’s Core Values are: Professionalism, Efficiency, Accountability/Transparency and Team work.

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Assignment Period: 01/06/2016 - 31/05/2018

Overall Objectives of Assignment: To promote research in indigenous knowledge, strengthen capacity for holistic health development and to empower communities to take charge of their development.

Expected Results:

  • Financial management systems are effective and efficient.
  • Provide support to staff to attend critical and relevant training in financial management.
  • Facilitate implementation and monitoring of THETA anti-fraud policy.

Agnes Spiegel

Kawempe Home Care (KHC), Kampala

Professional Background: Agnes is a nurse and she holds a Bachelors degree in Social Management. She has worked in hospitals and home care services in Germany. Between 2005 and 2008 she has worked in Sarh and N'Djaména in Chad for the German Development Service. Her focus has been organization and administration in a hospital and the mainstreaming HIV/AIDS policy of the German Development Service in Chad. Afterwards, she has worked in Niamey/Niger about organizational development and project management with NGOs and self-help-groups in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Partner Organization: Kawempe Home Care (KHC) is a community based Organisation established in July 2007 to provide comprehensive holistic care and support to vulnerable people with Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Cancer. Kawempe Home Care operates in Kawempe division in Kampala. KHC provides treatment and care to people living with HIV/AIDS, TB and Cancer, counselling services, home based care, nutritional support, palliative care and support of families. KHC also carries out community and social support activities through its community volunteers in support of patients, caretakers of patients, orphans and vulnerable children.

Assignment Period: 19/9/2015 – 18/9/2017

Overall Objectives of Assignment: To build capacity of KHC M&E staff to efficiently run a high quality M&E system.

Expected Results:

  • Knowledge building and knowledge sharing through research, programme monitoring and evaluation.
  • monitoring and evaluation policies and strategies.
  • Improved information Management and decision making using available monitoring data, programme / project implementation.

Daniela Petrasova

Caritas, Justice and Peace Commission, Tororo Archdiocese

Professional Background: Daniela holds a master’s degree in clinical, social and educational psychology. Most of her professional life she has been working in the field of international and development cooperation. In Slovakia, she initiated two short term volunteer programmes enabling young people to get a first-hand experience of working in development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries of the global South. She managed several educational campaigns to raise the awareness on issues affecting East African communities and worked as a Project Manager supporting projects in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Between 2005 and 2010 she worked as HORIZONT3000 Technical Advisor in Nairobi providing capacity building to more than 15 organisations mainly implementing projects in the various slums of Nairobi.

Project Partner:  Caritas, Justice and Peace Commission, Tororo Archdiocese Caritas, Justice and Peace Commission, Tororo Archdiocese is the social service and development arm of the Catholic Church in the Eastern region of Uganda. The organisation has 42 coordination centres (catholic parishes) with its structures flowing to the grass rot level. Caritas Department focusses on implementing specific development projects that are driven by needs of the communities and people regardless of their social or religious affiliations. Justice and Peace Department is involved in advocacy and lobbying work with the special focus on marginalised and disadvantaged.

Assignment Period: 03/05/2015 - 02/05/2017

Overall Objective of Assignment: Contribute to the strengthening of structural, strategic, organisational and administrational capacity of Caritas, Justice and Peace Tororo through improvement of guiding principles, internal processes and workflows between management and programme level and of its external interaction with field levels, outreach networks and stakeholders.

Expected Results:

  • Gaps and potentials in the current organisational structure, strategic plan, administrative processes and workflows are identified, documented and recommendations / solutions / chances to tackle implemented.
  • The quality of communication, public relations, networking and use of synergies between stakeholders for cooperation or coordination has been optimized and potential donors are identified.
  • The quality of result based programme management is optimized and reflects under a rights based perspective community development needs particularly of women, youth, children and vulnerable segments of the population.
  • A user-friendly monitoring and evaluation system and a tailored data record and accounting system are further developed, both to feed into a general M&E and accounting system.

Lutz Rauch

Organization and WASH Programme Development, Gulu, Uganda

Professional Background: Lutz holds a Master's degree in Land & Water Management and Engineering from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). Prior to his assignment with HORIZONT3000 he has been working for the City of Vienna as an engineer and a manager in the department of municipal swimming pools.

Project Partner: Lutz is based in Gulu District in Uganda (Northern Region). He supports Partners for Community Health and Development Organization (PACHEDO) in building their water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programme.

Assignment Period: 01/05/2015 - 30/04/2017

Overall Objective of Assignment: Contribute to increased access and utilization of safe water, sanitation and hygiene services that will minimize and mitigate morbidity, mortality and other problems associated with public health risks in war affected communities of Northern Uganda.

Expected Results:

  • PACHEDO staff has comprehensive knowledge and skills on various strategies and technology options necessary for planning, designing and implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene projects/interventions at households, institutional and community levels.
  • PACHEDO has a WASH policy framework and approaches that will define organization niche relevant for programming purposes, monitoring, evaluation, advocacy and networking.
  • PACHEDO has well established WASH programme data base to keep track of assessment records, construction works and document progress and monitoring and evaluation.
  • PACHEDO staff has well developed capacity to establish functional WASH networks and actors to engage in resource mobilization, researches, coordination.

Christian Schäfer

Battery Operated System for Community Outreach Gulu (BOSCO), Uganda

Professional Background: Christian Schäfer was born in Vienna and grew up in Lisbon. After completing his training in hotel management in Portugal and several years of experience in the hotel sector, he worked for a year as an assistant manager at Caritas Puerto Rico. He studied International Development with an emphasis on NGO management, social entrepreneurship and human rights (Master Degree). Christian is co-founder of the Junge Volkshilfe as well as the Social Business Vienna GmbH. (now Social City of Vienna) in which he worked several years among others as a project developer, - managers and head of the department (Junge Volkshilfe). Before his departure to Uganda, he worked as a project manager and fundraiser for the Portuguese-speaking Film Festival Inquietudo.

Project Partner: BOSCO-UGANDA (Battery Operated System for Community Outreach) is located in Gulu district, in northern Uganda. Since BOSCOs establishment, in the year of 2006, the organisation has been working in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) as an engine for rural development and support peace building in Northern Uganda. More information on BOSCO Uganda can be found under the link ( ).

Assignment period: 01/05/2015 - 30/04/2017

Overall Objective of Assignment: The overall objective of the assignment lies in the ‘Capacity Building in Organisational Development and Management’. In particular the priorities for the assignment are to be seen in the fields of project management, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization and (long term) strategic planning and implementation, where BOSCO UGANDA will be advised.

Expected resuls

  • BOSCO is strategically directed, with a sound management and administration unit.
  • BOSCO capacity to mobilise resources for programmes and institutional development strengthened.
  • Management and Technical Staff capacity has improved in running BOSCOs programmes and projects.
  • BOSCO has strengthened its network with international actors and local actors and smoothly cooperates with existing and new partners.

Mark-Siamak Nadjafi

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI), Kampala

Professional Background: Mark holds a Master`s Degree in Sociology and Media and a PHD Degree in Political Science and Sociology of University of Graz in Austria. He has broad experience in media consultancy, marketing issues, business modelling, environmental protection and renewable energy projects. Prior to his assignment with HORIZONT3000, Mark worked with a Brazilian NGO Iracambi in ecological monitoring of reforestation and in cooperation with Sekem Holding, he managed and supervised the implementation of projects in renewable energy in Egypt.

Project Partner: Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) is an indigenous not for profit organisation founded in 1996 with its headquarters in Kampala. CIDI operates in the Central and North Eastern regions of Uganda. The organisation offers sustainable services to the disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Uganda through provision of equitable, participatory, integrated and development initiatives. CIDI projects fall under four thematic areas; Water, Sanitation and Heigine; Sustainable Agrictulture; Health Care Promotion and Policy and Advocacy.

Assignment period: 30/04/2013 - 29/04/2017

Overall objective of Assignment: Support the development of uniform and visible documentation and publication for CIDI programmes and strengthen its social marketing, media and communication strategy.

Expected Results:

  • Capacity of CIDI staff strengthened in publishing and visibility of the organization’s best practices, innovations and past achievements.
  • Capacity of CIDI staff strengthened in documentation and report writing.
  • Improved media and communication strategy in place and implemented by staff in daily work.

Verena Guggenberger-Senn

Organisational Development, Kampala

Professional Background: Verena is  advisor and coach with a longtime practical and advisory experience in East Africa. Her main fields of expertise are project cycle management and participatory approach in the fields of rural community development and gender.

Project Partner: Various partner organisations of HORIZONT3000 in East Africa.

Assignment Period: 01/10/2012 – 30/09/2017

Overall Objective of Assignment: Improve the organisational management performance of current and potential project partners of the HORIZONT3000 network in East Africa.

Expected Results:

  • Strategies and/or internal processes and procedures in various partner organisations of HORIZONT3000 are developed/improved and effectively implemented.
  • An Organisational Toolbox is set up on an online platform and filled with various tools for analyses, development of internal policies, processes and procedures, as well as for project cycle management and is being used by HORIZONT3000 partner organisations.

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