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What are the requirements for the technical assistance programme?

People who are interested in the HORIZONT3000 technical assistance programme must be qualified in a field relevant to the assignment, have at least two years of professional experience in that area and, depending on the country, have good command of one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Social skills, tolerance, consulting skills, flexibility, cheerfulness and open mind towards other cultures are also key factors.

How are the technical advisors chosen?

There are several stages to the selection process (also see Step-by-step to the assignment):

  1. Written application for a specific technical assistance job or unsolicited application
  2. Invitation to two interviews
  3. Invitation to the assessment centre
  4. Positive feedback from the project partner on the applicant
  5. Deployment aptitude analysis

Which professionals are you looking for?

The professionals we are looking for depend on the current needs of our project partners on site. Therefore, the job profiles can vary greatly. In the past years, we’ve had special need for the following professionals:

  • Business economists and management experts, financial experts
  • Educators and teachers
  • Organisation development experts
  • Craftsmen and craftswomen (carpenters, joiners…)
  • Marketing and communication experts

Click here to see videos of former technical advisors.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

You can upload unsolicited applications using our website. If your profile has the potential of fitting one of our jobs in the mid-term, we will keep your application on file and contact you when there is a matching opportunity.

How fluent do I have to be in the target country’s language to be able to go on an assignment?

Having a good command of the respective language is a must to be able to communicate and work efficiently as an advisor. You should have at least level B1/B2 in English, Spanish or Portuguese according to the international standard (see Details).

What is the minimum or maximum age to go on an assignment?

You should be at least 22 years old. Up to the age of 55, you should have no problem applying to the technical assistance programme. If you are over 55, you will need to present a special authorization by the international travel insurance company.

Which nationalities can apply?

All citizens of the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are welcome to apply to the HORIZONT3000 technical assistance Programme.

Is my confession relevant for the technical assistance programme?

No, we ask no questions about your religious beliefs during the application process. People from all confessions and also those of no denomination are welcome at HORIZONT3000. Respect and open-mindedness are critical traits to successfully work with people from different religious backgrounds.

Do you have opportunities for people with physical disabilities?

The living and working conditions (in particular concerning accessibility) can be difficult in the partner countries and the medical health care system may not be as well developed. It is not always possible to find a technical assistance project for people with physical disabilities. Therefore, we reserve the right to discuss your application with you on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer internships at HORIZONT3000?

Currently we only offer very few internships and we only do so in our offices in Vienna. You can find current internship opportunities here.


What is the ‘fitness for service in the tropics examination’ (TTU)?

In early 2008, the examination to determine a person’s fitness for service in the tropics – TTU for short – was renamed deployment aptitude examination, abbreviated to EEG in German. It encompasses several standard medical examinations (complete blood count, electrocardiogram, lung function, etc.).

How will I be prepared for the assignment?

Before technical advisors are sent to the respective partner countries, they (and if applicable their spouses or partners) attend preparatory training. This training focuses on intercultural and communication skills, includes several development cooperation courses as well as an advanced language course. It also offers the opportunity of clarifying any organisational and medical issues and to obtain information about your future tasks and responsibilities.

How long does it take to prepare for an assignment?

The preparation training takes place in the HORIZONT3000 office in Vienna, Austria, and runs over the course of seven weeks. If necessary, you may also have to attend an advanced language course. HORIZONT3000 also offers a 2-4 week preparation period in the target country, which includes an introduction to HORIZONT3000’s work in that country as well as safety issues and project-related activities.


What are my chances of working for HORIZONT3000 in Vienna after returning from an assignment?

HORIZONT3000 has a very small administrative office in Vienna. Therefore, we only have very few job opportunities for returnees. Any positions that become available are always filled with former technical advisors to continue benefiting from their experience in the field.

How many technical advisors work in the field?

During the calendar year, we usually have 60 to 80 people working in the countries in which HORIZONT3000 carries out projects.

How does HORIZONT3000 support technical advisors in the field?

HORIZONT3000 has regional and country offices in its partner countries. The staff of these offices supports the advisors in their work and also help them on a personal level, for example to find accommodation and to better integrate them into the project team. There also are scheduled monitoring visits that can be complemented by additional meetings to discuss any arising issues.

What happens if I get sick or have to drop out of the assignment?

All technical advisors have Austrian health, liability and accident insurance. In case of prolonged illness, the Austrian Salaried Employees Act applies. HORIZONT3000 also takes out an international travel insurance for its technical advisors. If you wish to leave the programme prematurely, the agreed periods of notice apply. In the event of early termination within the first six months, HORIZONT3000 reserves the right to demand reimbursement of all expenses incurred for preparation and travel arrangements.

Once I have decided to go on an assignment, how long do I have to wait?

The amount of time that passes until you are actually sent to an assignment depends on many factors. The preparation course is given twice a year (March/April and September/October). The departure also depends on when the work permit is issued. Usually, three to six months may pass until you can go on your assignment.

Can I go on an assignment with my spouse/partner and/or children?

While it is possible to take your family with you, HORIZONT3000 cannot guarantee that both spouses/partners will obtain an assignment contract. Whether you can take children on an assignment depends on where you will be deployed. Criteria such as the safety situation, health risks or the availability of an (international) school are important factors that need to be considered.

What is the minimum or maximum time I’d be in the field?

The minimum time you’d spend in the field is 2 years. Assignments can be extended to up to a maximum of 5 years. There are no technical assistance projects under 2 years.

To which countries are you currently deploying technical advisors?

Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and Papua New Guinea.


What does HORIZONT3000 pay for during the preparation training?

Employment with HORIZONT3000 starts with the beginning of the preparation training. During this time, the employee will receive a gross basic income of EUR 910,- / month The costs for accommodation in Vienna are covered by HORIZONT3000.

What does HORIZONT3000 pay during the assignment?

HORIZONT3000 pays its technical advisors a salary, a subsistence and housing allowance and additional supplements for family members. It also pays the following:

  • Roundtrip flight tickets
  • A one-off flat fee for furniture, etc.
  • Health care for the technical advisors and the accompanying family members
  • Health, liability and accident insurance as well as home contents and luggage insurance.

Will HORIZONT3000 provide housing in the country of the project?

HORIZONT3000 will provide a housing cost allowance for an adequate accommodation on site. In some cases, the project partner will provide the accommodation.

How much will I get paid during the assignment?

The monthly salary is made up of a basic salary plus a subsistence and housing allowance. The financial support depends on the local living costs, meaning that there may be regional differences. In average, a single person can expect to earn a total net salary of approx. EUR 2000 per month. Additional supplements are paid for spouses and children. Depending on the project country, a family (spouse and 2 children) will earn a net average of EUR 2600 per month.


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