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El Salvador has made notable progress towards securing peace and democracy since the end of the civil war in 1992, and the political transformation of the country has led to significant structural and economic reforms. However, the country is becoming disillusioned by the economic situation many Salvadorans face in reality.
Furthermore, the country’s vulnerability to adverse natural phenomena, aggravated by environmental deterioration and extreme climatic volatility, compromises its long-term sustainable development and economic growth.
On the other hand, crime and violence are some of the greatest challenges El Salvador has to face that put social development at risk and have an adverse influence on the quality of life. The climate of violence, especially among young people, has a serious effect on our partner organisations’ work and the safety of their beneficiaries.

Geographic area

HORIZONT3000 Central America expanded its cooperation efforts to El Salvador in the 1980s. Today, HORIZONT3000 is active throughout the entire country.


In El Salvador, HORIZONT3000 supports its partner organisations in three sectors:
• Rural Development – Natural Resource Management: with a focus on food security and agro-ecological production.
• Human Rights – Civil Society: with a focus on promoting and defending the rights of women and the youth and also encouraging their participation in civil society. We also help support and protect human rights defenders in the country.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

The primary goal of the interventions in the Central American region is to contribute to more fair and humane living conditions and to increase the self-determination of the Central American people, irrespectively of their ethnic background and gender. Accordingly, the beneficiaries of our partner organisations in El Salvador include farming and indigenous families, women, the youth and human right defenders.
Together with the financing projects, the technical assistance programme helps partner organisations improve their efficiency and increase the impact of their work. The technical assistance programme in El Salvador mainly works with young people and women and promotes their rights.
In addition to financial support and technical assistance, HORIZONT3000 also encourages learning and exchange processes within the partner organisations’ network with the KNOWHOW3000 knowledge management programme. On the Central American level, these processes are improved through the collaboration of the partner organisations with groups of farming families, women and the youth.

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