General Information

HORIZONT3000 has over 50 years experience in cooperation and mutual learning between Papua New Guinean partners and Austrian volunteers.
During this time a large number of smaller and a few larger financial projects have been implemented, but to this day the personal and individual contribution of volunteers/development workers has remained the core element of the organisation’s programme in Papua New Guinea. For many years the bulk of the projects were situated in the Highlands, with important activities taking place in the Momase area and in the Islands Region. Today HORIZONT3000 operates a small programme, which is fairly concentrated in terms of geographical area and content. The new field office has been installed in Madang.

Geographical areas

For some years already, HORIZONT3000’s geographical focus has been on the Autonomous Region Bougainville, with other assignments being situated in Madang, Morobe and Western Province.


For several years already Education has been HORIZONT3000’s main sector in Papua New Guinea, the core area being Vocational Education. Some assignments are serving the needs in the sector of Human Rights – Civil Society. Through its assignments, HORIZONT3000 tries to promote an intensified coordination between institutions of the same sector but also between those of different sectors which have an overlapping agenda.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

In the educational sector important concerns are improvement of administrative and financial processes at school and agency level, training of managers and (vocational) teachers, promotion of community participation and development of infrastructural capacities. In the Human Rights – Civil Society sector, HORIZONT3000 development workers seek to promote development of organisational capacities.
The main target groups, in many cases also counterparts for HORIZONT3000 personnel are actors of the Education sector at agency level (diocesan or provincial), district and school level (school headmasters/managers, teaching staff and vocational students). Outside the education sector HORIZONT3000 works with NGO-staff/management and CBO-representatives, staff of church and government agencies and persons with the potential of being change agents at community level. Indirect target groups and beneficiaries are students and population in rural areas.

Whereas HORIZONT3000 tries to maintain good contacts with frame-setting international partners (Delegation of the European Union, AUSAID and international NGOs), as well as with other organisations with a technical assistance orientation, it closely coordinates with its member organisation and back-donor DKA, which is operating its own program of financial projects in PNG.




Partner Organisations

* Development Education Services for Community Empowerment (DESECE)
* Mathari Children’s Fund Panairobi (MCFP)
* Mukuru Promotion Centre
* GROOTS Kenya


Ulrike Bey

Programme Coordination Kenya and Tansania

El Salvador


Partner Organisations


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