Team in Vienna

People behind HORIZONT3000





Thomas Vogel

Head of Programmes

Magdalena Fischer

Head of Finance & Controlling


Office and IT-Management

Stephan Walker


Jasmin El Shorra

Office Management



Wolfgang Zechner


Klaus Ebenhöh



Technical Assistance & Human Resources

Martina Huber

Personnel Administration

Claudia Sprenger

Human Resource Development

Manuela Klepatsch


Anna Lena Eder

SDG Internship Programme

Petra Navara

Team Lead Technical Assistance


Programme Coordination

Diego Santos

Programme Coordination Central America

Friedbert Ottacher

Programme Coordination Uganda, Ethiopia und South Sudan

Elisabeth Moder

Programme Coordination Brasil Papua Newguinea, Sectorcoordination Human Rights and Civil Society

Jasmin Thomas

Programme Coordination Senegal

Ulrike Bey

Programme Coordination Kenya and Tansania

Elisa Romero

Programme Assistance Central America, EU-Cofunding

Martina Luger

Programme Coordination Klimakollekte and Mozambique


Financial Management Programmes

Elfriede Paller

Team Coordination Financial Programme, Financial Management Central America, Papua New Guinea

Andrea Vogiatzopulos

Financial Management East Africa

Eva Scheibreithner

Financial Management Senegal, Brazil, The Philippines, South Sudan


Knowledge Management

Kristina Kroyer

Project Coordination Knowledge Management, Policy Dialogue

Petra Herout

Sector Coordination Rural Development and Management of Natural Resources

Sarah Fichtinger

Knowledge Management & IT





Currently on Maternity or Educational Leave

Daniela Pfeffer


Members and Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of HORIZONT3000. It is elected by the general assembly and assembles at least four times a year. At least three and a maximum of six member organisations are represented in the board of directors.  Some of the responsibilities of the board of directors are to appoint the executive board, pass resolutions on budget and the annual accounts, advise the general assembly and supervise the executive board.

The general assembly is composed of representatives of our member organisations and is committed by the statutes to convene at least once a year when called upon by the board of directors. Usually, it assembles twice a year. Some of its responsibilities include electing the board of directors, determining the membership fee, adopting the budget, approving the annual accounts, changing the statutes and resolutions regarding the vision, mission, and strategy of


Sigrun Zwanzger

Chairwoman, Welthaus Graz – Diözese Graz-Seckau

Huem Otero

Katholische Frauenbewegung Österreichs

Helene Unterguggenberger

Caritas Österreich

Jakob Wieser

Vice Chairman, Dreikönigsaktion – Hilfswerk der Katholischen Jungschar


member organisations