HORIZONT3000 has been successfully collaborating with many national and international foundations for many years. In future, we will continue to rely on such partnerships.

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Crossing Borders - Education for Children is a registered association (NGO) that helps children from the Global South by improving their chances of education. More than 150 employees from OMICRON electronics, the main sponsor, work on a voluntary basis in their spare time to make this possible. One key task of the volunteers is to supervise the project as a mentor that does not only ensure that the right products are being selected and that the funds are being used in the best way possible but also ensures that the project experiences are documented and handed on.

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The Medicor Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation based in Liechtenstein. It was established in 1995 by a private charitable initiative. The Medicor Foundation responds to the foundation supervisory authority of Liechtenstein and is a founding member of the association of non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein. We mainly work in international development cooperation. The Medicor Foundation supports selected projects in education, health, and social assistance. The goal is to directly and sustainably improve the living conditions of people in need in African, Eastern European, Latin American, and Caribbean countries.


ERBACHER-STIFTUNG is a foundation that supports development projects in rural regions all around the world. Projects that promote keeping farm animals, crop growing, potable water supply, and environmental protection are especially important to us. We also support projects for climate protection, and that help people adapt to climate change. ERBACHER-STIFTUNG works with denominational and independent development cooperation partners. It is also happy to support smaller projects initiated by the personal commitment of the responsible project managers.


Pontis Foundation is one of the largest charities in Slovakia. It helps companies take social responsibility for their actions (corporate philanthropy). Pontis Foundation also works in development cooperation, and together with HORIZONT3000, it is implementing the Western Balkans Project funded by SlovaAid.

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