HORIZONT3000 is a member of several development cooperation umbrella associations and organisations.


BAOBAB is a centre for global learning and communication in Austria. With its services, the non-profit association promotes the inclusion of development policy and global issues as part of the curricula in schools and extracurricular education. As this is not one of the fields of action of HORIZONT3000, we are happy to support this outstanding institution.


The KOO holds a membership at CIDSE on behalf of the Catholic organisations in Austria. In this context, HORIZONT3000 acts as a representative at the CIDSE Co-financing Forum and contributes with its co-financing expertise and experience. Forwarding the information received from Brussels and the exchange that takes place in this forum are essential contributions to expanding internal know-how.

CONCORDCONCORD is the European umbrella association of developmental NGOs that represents more than 1000 organisations from all over Europe before the European Commission. HORIZONT3000 is a member of CONCORD via an EU platform and represents the EU platform in the FDR working group (Funding Group for Development and Relief).


Fair trade is an important funding and support area in development cooperation. HORIZONT3000 promotes this aspect as a member of FAIRTRADE.



This umbrella organisation represents the national and international interests of 39 Austrian non-governmental organisations that work in the fields of development cooperation, domestic developmental work, humanitarian aid, and sustainable global economic, social, and ecological development.


KOO, the department for development and mission coordination of the Austrian Episcopal Conference, promotes and coordinates worldwide developmental work of the Austrian Catholic Church. HORIZONT3000 plays an important role in ecclesiastical development cooperation.


For HORIZONT3000, the NPO Institute is an important exchange and advanced training forum for the non-profit sector. The association has been providing scientific work for non-profit organisations since 1997. We promote the active exchange of research findings and practical experiences and cover a variety of interdisciplinary topics that are relevant to the NPO. High scientific quality and intense exchange in the field are equally important to us.


The Social Responsibility Network is an information and communications hub. It helps and supports companies to plan and implement corporate social responsibility measures.


The alliance for climate justice (Allianz für Klimagerechtigkeit) is composed of more than 20 Austrian non-government organisations that work in the fields of environmental protection, development cooperation, and social and humanitarian aid. The goal of this platform is to raise awareness among opinion leaders and policymakers of the interrelationship between climate and development, climate protection, and international climate justice.

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