Technical assistance organisations

HORIZONT3000 has been in touch with international technical assistance organisations for many years. The goal of this constant exchange is to improve the technical assistance.


Every development starts and ends with people and thrives on good communication and dialogue. This is the key philosophy that underlies the consortium for development cooperation AGEH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe e.V.) As a specialist service of German Catholics for development cooperation, we procure qualified experts for development projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. AGEH is a state-recognized personnel service provider, a reliable point of contact for experts, and the competent partner for more than 150 aid organisations.

LOGO.199_RGBAs an NGO and aid organisation for technical assistance programmes (PEZA), INTERTEAM finds and deploys Swiss professionals for multi-year missions. Our approach: Efficiently and sustainable decrease poverty by exchanging professional knowledge, skills, and experiences. Capacity development is at the centre of our cooperation with our partners from the Global South. Together, we forge a solid basis and tread new paths to improve the living conditions of the local population in the long term, not by donating money but by exchanging knowledge at an equal footing.

digizlogoThe GIZ is the only public development service offered by the Federal Republic of Germany, and as such, it is ideologically neutral. Over the course of more than 50 years, the GIZ technical assistance service has acquired comprehensive planning, preparation, and support expertise for development cooperation missions. Therefore, this organisation has always strived and still strives to be “as close as possible” to the local people, to offer them professional support with their work experience and intercultural competence, further developing the skills of the beneficiaries.


The Austrian consortium for civil peace services (Konsortium für Zivile Friedensdienste) is a coalition of the organisations that work to introduce and implement a civil peace service mentioned below. The civil peace service deploys peace experts trained in non-violent conflict mediation who upon request assist local partner organisations in conflict areas for a limited time (8 - 24 months).

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