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HORIZONT3000 offers a variety of services to organisations and sponsors. As part of our technical assistance programme for development cooperation, we provide technical assistance on behalf of other Austrian organisations at their partners’. To foundations, we offer to coordinate and support specific programmes and projects. Those who are interested in development cooperation are welcome to attend some of the seminar modules of our preparatory training course. Our experienced staff also holds lectures, workshops and courses for different institutions and events in Vienna.


What we achieve with foundations

Project services for foundations

Foundations are increasingly becoming important partners in the struggle against poverty, exploitation, and environmental destruction in the countries of the Global South. For this reason, we’ve been collaborating with Crossing Border and Medicor Foundation Liechtenstein for many years. Use our Project Map (in German) to see the Projects.

We work with medium-term country strategies and concentrate our efforts on three Sectors: Rural Development – Natural Resource Management, Civil Society and Human Rights, Education. All of our projects are evaluated according to their relevance to the Cross-Cutting Issues environment, gender, and HIV/AIDS. We also put great emphasis on Preventing Climate Change.

Our services to foundations:

  • Professional assessment and project placement
  • Support to foundation-relevant projects by providing qualified technical advisors
  • Rigid success and financial monitoring
  • Project documentation, donor management, attendance to project visits

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Seminars and workshops

In times of globalisation, there is a growing pressure to remain competent, especially on people who work in development cooperation, who need to be able to meet ever more and increasingly important requirements.

Our seminar programme offers comprehensive information on the multifaceted topics of development cooperation. Tailored to the needs of technical advisors that are going to be sent abroad, both national and international develop cooperation professionals attend our seminars and workshops. In these courses, we convey practically relevant competencies and knowledge that will allow the students to rise to the current challenges and those further down the road.

The seminar facilitators all have practical experience in the field of development cooperation and make the training offered by HORIZONT3000 a unique offer on the market.

Thank you for your interest in our workshops and seminars and have fun exploring our broad range of courses (in German). If you have any questions or comments, please send us an e-mail to training@horizont3000.at




Books, research, professional articles

HORIZONT3000 – Publications

HORIZONT3000 always keeps a critical eye on the quality and effectiveness of its work and encourages research. HORIZONT3000 owes its quality to its employees, who are experts in their fields and also make regular publications on development cooperation.

In the context of the Western Balkan Project of HORIZONT3000 (November 2015 – November 2017) the Policy Brief on Enabling Environment for Western Balkan Civil Society arose, published by our project partner Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) in September 2017.



In the context of the Western Balkan Project of HORIZONT3000 (November 2015 – November 2017) the Policy Brief on the role of civil society in the Western Balkan in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, published in August 2017.

Buch EZAFriedbert Ottacher (Programme Coordination Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan) und Thomas Vogel (Head of Programmes) are the authors of:

Entwicklungszusammenarbeit im Umbruch. Bilanz – Kritik – Perspektiven


Impact Study of the Technical Advisor Programme of HORIZONT3000 in East Africa


Screenshot Deckblatt Trialog15Jahre

Elisa Romero (Programme Assistance Central America & EU-Cofunding) and Ulrike Bey (Project Coordination Western Balkan & Programme Coordination Kenya and Tansania) are the authors of:

Trialog in the enlarged EU. 15 years supporting civil society to engage in development.

Deckblatt_ Trialog Advocacy Guide

HORIZONT3000 was Lead Agency of the Trialog projects and author of:

Advocacy Guide. 12 years of Trialog Advocacy successes from EU-12

Deckblatt_Wissen im ProzessPetra Herout (Team Coordination Knowledge Management) is co-author of the chapter (p. 121):

Systematisierung von Erfahrungen. Ein partizipativer Ansatz des Wissensmanagements in HORIZONT3000

In: Wissen im Prozess. Beiträge zu den Kremser Wissensmanagement-Tagen 2015, Hrsg.: Petra Wimmer

Deckblatt_Doing Knowing LearningKnowledge Management for Development Journal (KM4D Journal) 11 (1): 64-76

Petra Herout (Team Coordination Knowledge Management) is co-author of the chapter (p. 64):

Doing, knowing, learning: systematization of experiences based on the knowledge management of HORIZONT3000

Deckblatt_Networks for Prosperity

Thomas Vogel (Head of Programmes) und Petra Herout (Team Coordination Knowledge Management) are the authors of the chapter 3.4 (p. 122):

KNOW-HOW3000 – Insights from a practitioners’ perspective on knowledge Management

In: Networks for Prosperity. Connecting Development Knowledge Beyond 2015, Hrsg.: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)



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