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Technical assistance service for your Organisation

Organisations that do not have a technical assistance programme of their own can come to us to carry out technical assistance projects that are subsidised by the ADA up to 70 %. The service usually includes selecting, preparing, and supporting the professionals deployed.

All missions are carried out in coordination with ADA, increasing the synergy between all stakeholders, and the cost efficiency of the technical assistance programme. Also, the expertise HORIZONT3000 has to offer is used in the best possible way. For current examples, please see our Project Map (in German). Please do not hesitate to make an appointment; we are happy to advise you in Person.

Photo: An HORIZONT3000 technical advisor working for Licht für die Welt: Leni Hoegen Dijkhof, consultant for capacity development for the advancement of women in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).



Who is this service for?

  • Mainly for Austrian NGOs funded by the ADA.
  • In exceptional cases, we also offer this service to non-Austrian NGOs.
  • Companies within our business partner network that have been found suitable to receive support after careful examination by HORIZONT3000.

Goals of the technical assistance service for development cooperation

  • Support important projects and programmes of other NGOs that contribute to increasing the impact
  • Strengthen the cooperation between Austrian and European NGOs as a contribution to greater harmony and better networks
  • Further the technical assistance for development cooperation to create a tool that complements and supports the development cooperation offered by a larger group to the organisations.

We cannot offer our service

  • To cooperate in projects that contradict the values and goals of HORIZONT3000;
  • To dispatch staff that does not comply with the legal prerequisites for technical advisors as set down in the law on overseas volunteers;
  • To cooperate in projects that entail a legal or political risk for HORIZONT3000


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