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Die Linsi Stiftung feiert dieses Jahr ihr 25-jähriges Jubiläum. Zu diesem Anlass findet ein Foto Wettbewerb statt an dem alle von der Linsi Stiftung unterstützten Organisationen und Vereine teilnehmen dürfen. Auch wir sind mit 4 Bildern von Trevor De Jongh bei der Partnerorganisation AMOR bei einer „Beach clean up Aktion“ in Beira Mozambique dabei!

Ab jetzt bis 16.09.2022 kann gevoted werden:

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Natürlich freuen wir uns wenn Ihr selber voted und den Link mit euren Bekannten und Freunden teilt, damit sich diese auch am Voting beteiligen! Vielen Dank für Euren Support: Wer etwas mehr über die abgebildete Aktion und die Fotos erfahren will ist eingeladen hier weiter zu lesen…

Interview: Ceferino Romero (Praktikant Juli 2022)

Can you describe the experience of the project?

De Jongh: Amor focus on cleanup and recycling and have some projects in Beira, they also get support from Horizont3000 (Sébastien Cayol).The photos that I took where shot in one day, it was the environmental awareness day so they arranged with some other organizations to clean up a 200- to 300-meter-long beach. It took around 40 minutes to clean up the whole beach from all the garbage you see in the pictures.

„I switched to a wide-angle lens and tried to make these tourist-like pictures because if we don’t start to clean up our garbage the tourism one day will look like this.“

How did you feel seeing all this garbage on the beach?

De Jongh: I actually when I went there didn’t expect so many people but there were around 40 to 50 workers cleaning. I just expected Amor to be there so my plan was to make some staged pictures but when I saw how fast the garbage was coming of the beach, I tried to make some real pictures. But it really shocked me to see all the garbage on the beach usually you look it out of the way, you turn a black eye on these things. When you see all these things coming together it makes you realize that this is a serious thing. So, I switched to a wide-angle lens and tried to make these tourist-like pictures because if we don’t start to clean up our garbage the tourism one day will look like this.

In your pictures always have the focus on the garbage. Why?

De Jongh: Because that’s where we are at the moment. The people who are making a difference are still in the blur and over time they come more and more in the focus, the more they make examples for us. I didn’t want to make photos of people making something I wanted to make pictures of the solution because this aren’t photos of trash on the beach. These are photos of thrash that has been collected and it been organized and sorted. And that’s what Amor does, they collect the trash, they are in there they get their hands dirty. So, the focus is on the solution and the problem in the same time.

I really like the picture with the Heineken bottle in front, its building a connection because it’s a European brand. Seeing it makes me feel more like its our garbage lying there on the beach.

De Jongh: I also like it a lot. I tried to get also the broken bottle in front of it in to the picture because here on the beach there is a lot of broken glass and you need to be careful to not step on some glass splinters. There are also a lot of children playing in the water always in danger of cutting themselves with a broken bottle. So showing this bottle is showing the reality and not only here, this is a problem in a lot of country’s around the world.

From all the photos there is only one without glass. There is something that looks like foam. What is this?

De Jongh: Yes, I think it’s from the boats. This was the first bunch of garbage that came from the beach. It was the first time that I saw how Amor is sorting the garbage. The people got excited and started to pull out the garbage and started to separate and got really happy cleaning the beach so I was like I have to take a picture of this moment. They were all really passionate about this. Also, the tent in the background has a hole in it. This shows that they don’t have a fancy set op or anything, they just try to do their job the best they cand with what they got. It’s a really humble situation.