Genderworkshop: focusing on Female Leadership in Senegal

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In June we held the very first gender workshop focusing on Female Leadership in this phase of our Gender and Food Security Program 2023-26 in Senegal (financed by LED, ADA and Welthaus Graz). Our partner organizations, including ALPHADEV, CAREM, Caritas Kaolack, Enda Santé, Symbiose, and OFAD, joined us for this event in Kaolack! It marks the next step toward advancing gender equality and female leadership in our projects.

Workshop participants in a discussion group

Gender disparities are still barrier to local development

Gender disparities remain a significant barrier to local development within our program area. To address this, we as HORIZONT3000 are actively supporting our partner organisations in Senegal through our 2023-2026 cooperation program. By collaborating with local organizations across five regions – Thiès, Fatick, Kaolack, Kaffrine, and Kolda – the program strives aims to bolster sustainable rural development and ensure food security though empowering communities. Central to its success is the promotion of gender equality, women’s leadership, and the enhancement of capacity-building initiatives. Through this concerted effort, the program seeks to pave the way for lasting positive change in Senegal.

Enable participants to develop practical strategies

Over three days at Hotel Relais, Kaolack, HORIZONT3000, ALPHADEV, and an external consultant alternated presentations and discussions. Participants, representing various roles (partner organizations, grassroots, elected female councilors etc.) engaged in practical exercises applying gender considerations across projects. Group discussions explored leadership development strategies and empowerment actions for beneficiaries. The workshop fostered a comprehensive understanding of gender integration and leadership, enabling participants to develop practical strategies for incorporating gender considerations and fostering leadership development within their projects and organizations.

„Feminine leadership matters today due to gaps in women’s personal development, knowledge, and resources. As trained trainers, we aim to empower women from target groups and elected local female councilors, helping them better serve their communities and understand grassroots work.“

Rosalie Sene, Gender Focal Point Caritas Kaolack

Main Outcomes

  1. Gender Concept Clarity: Participants deepened their understanding of gender and its nuances, distinguishing it from biological sex. The discussions highlighted the need to go beyond gender parity to address broader social and cultural equity issues.
  2. Policy Reminder: The workshop reiterated HORIZONT3000’s gender policy, emphasizing that gender integration requires collective team efforts and engagement rather than relying solely on Gender Focal Points.
  3. Leadership Insights: Attendees gained insights into various leadership styles and qualities, and the facilitator highlighted both favorable factors and obstacles for female leadership development, underscoring the need to contextualize strategies.
  4. Practical Application: Practical exercises involving project experiences enhanced participants‘ ability to incorporate gender considerations at every stage. This hands-on approach reinforced the importance of gender integration throughout the project cycle.
  5. Contextualized Development: Participants engaged in in-depth discussions to develop strategies for promoting female leadership in various contexts, addressing management roles, and empowering beneficiaries. This highlighted the necessity of considering regional socio-cultural realities.

Thanks for the great workshop!