New in the Vienna Team: Una Cullen

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Una is joining horizont3000 for a 6-months internship in which she will join the public relations team at the Vienna office. She recently finished her undergraduate degree in International Communication in the Netherlands. When she wasn’t biking through the rain, she enjoyed working on a student-led-campaign which opened the discourse around sex, joined climate justice groups or learned and spoke on the topic of fast fashion. Her favourite part of these studies were two exchange semesters which brought her to Vienna and Seoul where she also interned at two local NGOs.


What encouraged you to apply to horizont3000?

Looking up horizont3000 I quickly came across their YouTube Chanel. Since I am always interested in feminist projects across the globe, I watched the video on feminist initiatives in El Salvador. When I heard Amanda Isabel Quijano talk about campaigns that they had done on the topic of sexual violence and the prevention of teenage pregnancies, I was really moved. Also, I was reminded of a similar action that I had been a part of during university. There are so many people that have joined forces to fight for social justice and I am glad that horizont3000 is seeking them out to offer their support. So, yes, I think that was what encouraged me, I was excited to play a part in supporting partner organizations doing brilliant work and in doing so expanding my own horizon.

Why do you work in the NGO sector?

Working at NGOs to me seems like the best chance at getting to the root of social justice issues. My experience in the NGOs I have worked in so far has been that the people and communities affected by a certain issue were heard, their voices amplified and taken as the basis for transformational change.

What are you looking forward to during this internship?

I am looking forward to getting to know the team better, building new connections, and further developing my skill set in the PR field. Having done quite a bit of social media content in the past four years, I would also love to create some visual- and or video-content for horizont3000.

Welcome and we wish you all the best!