Office East Africa: 60 years PEZA, 20 years HORIZONT3000

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Text: Nobert Banio

On Friday, 17th December 2021, the staff of HORIZONT3000 in Vienna and East Africa had an end of year closing ceremony. From East Africa, it brought together the Technical Advisors and staff regional office staff in Kampala and included virtually the East Africa Team from Vienna.  

Franz Eichinger welcomed all people present for the meeting and proceeded to introduce the new staff at regional office. Wecome to Catherine Kawala (Programme Officer TAP) and Lorna Liz Nakiguli (Programme Officer –Co-financing projects). He also thanked Angela who has worked with HORIZONT3000 for over 20 years for her selfless service, especially in preparing meals for the staff and maintaining the office clean at all times.  He wished her a happy retirement.

The Managing Director of HORIZONT3000, Erwin Eder also welcomed everyone for the reunion. He then proceeded to make a review of the last 60 years of PEZA and 20 years of HORIZONT3000’s existence with a few power point presentations and films that were accompanied by a photo show. As we looked back to the several years of great work, there was also a reflection on the great vision for the years ahead.

To make it more engaging, a round of self-introduction was done for the participants who all made a wish for the next 20 years of HORIZONT3000 will exist

A review and preview of the year was done by Erwin Eder and Thomas Vogel Participants later went into breakout rooms where they had informal conversations about what the sharing about the past and potential future of HORIZONT3000 meant for them. 

A cake was then cut to celebrate the milestones.

Thanks for the Audio Message from Lillian:

It is 60 years since the first „development workers“ left for East Africa. Sixty years later, we are still active there and have been under the name HORIZONT3000 for 20 years. It is all the more wonderful that today we were able to celebrate these anniversaries virtually together with our colleagues in East Africa. Together we can look back on 20 very successful years of work in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. For some time now we have also been working in South Sudan and Ethiopia. In addition to an average of 20 – 30 staff assignments, we have continuously added financing projects, so that East Africa has become the largest focus region for HORIZONT3000. We are very grateful for the great and very successful work of our local colleagues and our experts

— Erwin Eder