On Deployment: Ulrike Jahn

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How did you first come into contact with horizont3000?

I was exploring job opportunities in Tanzania, where a part of my family lives. I regularly checked the German job portal https://www.epojobs.de, which features numerous job openings in the NGO sector. One day, I came across a job listing from horizont3000 for a position in Tanzania that immediately piqued my interest. That’s how my journey with horizont3000 began.

What motivated you to apply for this role?

I strongly believe that sustainable agriculture and organic food have a significant impact on the well-being of both the environment and the people. Therefore, I am very pleased to support SAT as a technical advisor to enhance its capacity for promoting sustainable agriculture and organic food in Tanzania. Additionally, I find it exciting to work in a completely different environment and gain a new perspective.

What impact have you seen your work have?

It’s still early to determine the impact of my work, given my recent arrival. During my initial weeks at SAT, I’ve assisted the communication manager and contributed ideas while asking numerous questions. This interaction could offer fresh perspectives for all involved. However, at present, I find the impact on my personal growth to be more significant as I’m currently in a phase of extensive learning.

What’s your favourite part of your working day?

Being in the communication department allows me to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and visit projects in the field, making my work really diverse and thrilling.

About Ulrike

Ulrike holds a Master’s degree in technical translation and has received additional training in online marketing and communication. With a decade of work experience in the European education programme Erasmus+, she has developed expertise in project monitoring, evaluation, and communication. After numerous personal visits to Tanzania, this marks her first professional assignment in East Africa. 

Aim of the Assignment

The aim of the assignment is to support the organization Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) in the area of communication & marketing to build capacity for the SAT communication team and to give the organization sustainability through greater visibility, a marketing strategy and strong relationships with cooperatives and to reach out to other stakeholders.

About the partner organisation

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is a non-profit organization that has been active in Tanzania since 2011. SAT is based in Morogoro and operates in four regions of mainland Tanzania. Since its foundation in 2011, SAT has been committed to promoting organic and sustainable agriculture. The focus is on the challenges and needs of smallholder farmers. The aim is to use simple techniques and environmentally friendly farming methods to increase the yields of smallholder farmers and thus achieve economic stability for their families.