About us

Who we are


HORIZONT3000 is an Austrian NGO working in the area of development cooperation. With the mandate of our member organisations of the catholic development sector, we specialize in the monitoring and implementation of projects as well as provision of experts in developing countries.

People in focus

Every person is entitled to just and dignified living conditions and to self-determination, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender or religion. Based on christian values, we offer support to people in our partner countries in their aspiration to improve the quality of their lives.

Respect and Partnership

Through our regional offices and personnel deployed in the individual projects, we are in constant dialogue and exchange with civil society organisations and decision makers in our partner countries. Our shared approach is characterised by respect, by a fair and cooperative working environment, by participation and by constant willingness to learn from each other. In this way we are able to succeed in optimally fulfilling the needs and requirements of our target groups.


In both the formulation and implementation stages of our programmes and projects, we orient ourselves on principles of sustainability, in its social, ecologic and economic aspects. Together with civil society representatives and with our partner organisations we assume joint responsibility for a ‘one-world’ approach, which also includes awareness about the limited availability of natural and material resources.

Regional Focus

walkabout_pngWorking jointly with their Papua New Guinean counterparts since 1963, several hundred skilled Austrian or other European volunteers and development workers have been providing technical assistance to institutions and development oriented programmes in the country.

For many years development of capacities in Vocational Education has been a priority area of HORIZONT3000, contributing also to infrastructure development outside the sector. The organisation has contributed to the development of Vocational Education in several provinces, including Western Highlands, Enga, Chimbu, Morobe, East Sepik, East New Britain, Western Province, and in post-conflict Bougainville, where HORIZONT3000 development workers, also aided by EU financial support, assisted in giving a perspective to youth and ex-combatants, by re-establishing several vocational schools and training local staff and students.

HORIZONT3000 continues to provide capacity building and institutional development to the education sector, including the primary and vocational school, as well as the university level.

The emphasis has shifted from direct teaching and technical skills to facilitation of qualifications and management skills.

From 2004 till now Austrian development workers have provided assistance to the development of management capacities of head teachers and school managers and the ownership of local boards in the management of their schools.

HORIZONT3000 is also assisting the development of emerging NGOs in the Momase and Highlands region and in Bougainville. A recent example of this is the development of Bougainville Traditional Health Association (BouTHA), which supports traditional medical practitioners (traditional healers and traditional midwifes) and their district-associations in several districts of Bougainville. This is a co-financing project of the coming from European Union, OEZA (Austrian Development Cooperation), and DKA to “Traditional Health Project” of the Catholic Diocese of Bougainville and HORIZONT3000.

HORIZONT3000 currently only provides limited financial support. However, strengthening of capacities of local partners leading to increased donors’ confidence, as well as support for planning, implementation and net-working of local partners by experienced, well placed and connected personnel are enabling more substantial funding from other stake-holders. The result is more community- and sustainability oriented.