Short News from Mozambique

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During the 2019 Cyclone Idai most buildings at Young Africa Agri-Tech Dondo were heavily affected. The classrooms and office buildings were considerably damaged or destroyed and stayed that way until funds for rebuilding could be obtained in 2021. Recently a small health centre has also been added to the infrastructure of the centre.

Renewing logos of YAAT counterparts

HORIZONT3000 has been working together with Young Africa for many years and since June 2019 I am as Technical Advisor at YAAT in Dondo working in the field of agriculture, food processing and franchising.

I also paint as a hobby and prepared a compilation of the logos of Agri-Tech’s counterparts so that all of them could subsequently be hand painted onto our renovated office / classroom walls. More paintwork is needed soon as we are renovating older buildings and are building new ones.

The work was advertised to obtain quotations from local artists to repaint the first wall. Offers came in from several painters who were then evaluated.

Eventually Master Eduardo was chosen to do the logo job and he did it with great enthusiasm and skill and the result can be seen below. The logos of Horizont3000 and ADA (Austrian Development Agency) have also been included.

Our renovated wall is one of the first things visitors see. Most of our counterparts are represented here and soon there will be a second wall to decorate, thus we have space for more logos

First Aid Centre

We have been busy to build a small health center for YAAT students and the local community. It will be inaugurated soon. At the moment we already have a nurse on duty to advise students on reproductive health and psychosocial issues and to provide first aid.

Another paint job had to be done, albeit less artistic, to give the finales touches to our new building.

Newly constructed YAAT health center in fresh green colour.

The health centre had served as a temporary office building before it could be finished and painted and while our new administration and classroom block was still unavailable.

Freshly painted consulting room staffed by nurse Nercia

Now it is ready for its intended purpose, and we should receive further assistance from the local health authorities. We have a meeting room opposite the health centre which is also used for seminars. In Dec 2021, a 1-day seminar on Knowledge Management and the use of Zoom and Teams meetings was organized here by HORIZONT3000.

A KNOWHOW3000 seminar took place in December 2021.