We go out again! Reunion after 5 years

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by Philipp Leonhartsberger and Renate Sova

Philipp and Renate had been in the same preparation course 5 years ago, when they headed to various assignments in East Africa. It was a big surprise to meet again at HORIZONT3000 office in Vienna. „It was a cheerful reunion and time ran short during the course to catch up on everything“ said Philipp. „We will organize a get together with our former TA colleagues while we are still in Austria“ proposed Renate. After H3 published the picture of the participants of the present preparation course, immediately 3 former colleagues sent messages to Renate and Philipp. Fera Agricola currently is in Malawi, Martin Wolfer in DR Congo and Katharina Nosal preparing a project visit to Uganda.

It’s great to see that this blog is read by former TA’s.

What a nice memory!