Welcome to our Vienna Team: Isabella Kirchengast

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Isabella is the new member in our Horizont3000 Finance Team in our Vienna Head Office. She is responsible for Finance Management in Central America. She has broad experience in the field of finance and controlling. In the past she has worked for various international companies as a Controller and Finance responsible focused on Europe, especially Eastern Europe. She is open-minded, loves foreign languages, travelling, books and music.


Isabella, how did you stumble upon Horizont3000?

My first contact with Horizont3000 was back in 2003, when I applied for an assignment as a TA for Ecuador what unfortunately didn’t work out as I got offers for Zimbabwe/Mozambique which I did not take up. This year in April when I decided to look for a new job, I saw Horizont’s posting for Finance Management Central America and immediately knew that I had apply for it!

How have you liked your first couple of weeks at Horizont3000?

My first 8 weeks at Horizont3000 were really great! I felt very welcome. The job is very interesting, the colleagues are nice and the working climate is warm and appreciating.

Is there something new that you have learned since starting the job?

Of course, there is a lot that’s new to me. Even though I have a range of experience in finance and controlling, the EZA world is different which means I keep on learning every day in that field. And I already had the possibility to train an develop my Spanish knowledge.

What is your favourite part about the new job?

It’s the combination of dealing with figures and working together with colleagues in Vienna and Central America.



Welcome Isabella, we wish you all the best!