Back to real life!

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written by Renate Sova, Philipp Leonhartsberger, Rosa Nordeste De Jongh, Trevor De Jongh, Sebastien Cayol

For the first time in two years, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the TA-onboarding took place in Vienna. From the 13th until 22nd of September where workshops and trainings took place. This onboarding was, for the first time, held in english. All participants brought prior experience in the field of international corporation. The participants from France, Portugal, South Africa and Austria wrote this article together through the team building and knowledge sharing. It was great learning and also fun, a wonderful experience. Although previous activities and interactions had to be done virtually, due to the obvious pandemic rules, now this preparation course reunites HORIZONT3000 with the real world.

Sebastien Cayol, TA Mozambique about the preparation course

The whole course was aimed to prepare us as best as possible for our future work.

Indeed, TA’s missions can sometimes be challenging, whether it’s related to cultural and context based challenges or professional difficulties. In order to give the TA’s tools to overcome these difficulties we attended various workshops. One example being the workshop „Peer Coaching“ (Margret Steixner). During the workshop the TA’s learned how to organize mentoring sessions together and help each other to tackle the problems they can meet in the field.

The fotos were taken and concepted by Klaus, Wolfgang and the TA’s meanwhile the media workshop.

„Peer coaching needs to follow rules and each TA should have an attributed role for a successful session and plan of action.“

Rosa Nordeste De Jongh

„I enjoyed the interaction with the course facilitators and TA colleagues and to share stories“

Philipp Leonhartsberger, TA Uganda (attended selected units of the preparation course)

„It is good to exchange experiences with other Senior TAs. We have a lot of similar topics to discuss.“

Renate Sova, TA Guatemala

„As a supporting spouse. Very big perspective change! Loved every moment!“

Trevor De Jongh, Partner of Rosa Nordeste De Jongh

We want to say a big „THANK YOU“ to the whole team of HORIZONT3000 in Vienna, especially to Claudia Sprenger who was organizing a fantastic course for us!