General Information

In Brazil, HORIZONT3000 is implementing 4 projects together with its partner organisations. Yet, many more projects were implemented over the last decades and many technical advisors contributed to local development.

Geographical Areas

The cooperation with CPT is regionally concentrated in the northeast (Bahia, Minas Gerais, Paraiba and Pernambuco), the cooperation with FOIRN and ISA in the Amazon region, the project with MAB in 11 different regions all over Brazil, and the project with CIMI affects indigenous people all over Brazil.


The projects are all part of the sector defined by HORIZONT3000 as Human Rights – Civil Society. Still, as the projects mostly take place in rural areas with rural beneficiaries who live from agriculture, they have effects on natural resources and agricultural production.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

According to the mission and way of work of each of the partner organisations, and also in line with HORIZONT3000’s strategy for Human Rights – Civil Society, all of the projects work in the areas of

* Empowerment and participation

* Fighting human rights violations and enforcing rights

* Networking and strengthening of organisations

The cooperation with FOIRN and ISA in the Amazon region is specifically on indigenous rights (demarcation of land, land use, specific education). Also the project with CIMI focuses on indigenous land rights and other legal issues and rights concerning indigenous people.

The project with CPT is on land rights of disadvantaged traditional rural communities and their visibility; and the project with MAB is on the rights of people who are affected by the construction of dams, and their visibility, with a special focus on women.


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