General Information

Currently HORIZONT3000 provides financial support to three local partner organisations. Two of them are development offices of Catholic Dioceses in Hosanna and Soddo with a regional scope, one partner is a community based organisation working in Arsi.

Geographical Areas

The projects supported by HORIZONT3000 are located in and around Hosanna, in Gofa Gofa and South Omo zones and in Arsi.


HORIZONT3000 is concentrating its activities on the sector Rural Development and Natural Resource Management. Crop diversification, improved seeds and the use of intermediate technology to increase productivity and quality of the agricultural products are core goals. An additional focus is put on marginalized minorities such as the Fuga communities or the Hamer. Here the project supports the inclusion of these minorities by providing access to education and skills training.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

HORIZONT3000 supports a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to rural development in the country. With core activities focusing on livelihood development, these projects also addresses education, health, water & sanitation and gender balance. Participatory planning methods and community development ensures that  investments in education, health facilities and water installations are taken over by communities and local authorities once the project has ended.  Although this approach is challenging and time consuming, sustainability is likely to be achieved.
The ultimate beneficiaries of HORIZONT3000’s interventions in Ethiopia are the rural poor, mostly pastoralists and subsistence farmers.


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