General Information

The institutional and political framework in Kenya continues to undergo significant changes. Moreover, the government has launched counter-terrorism operations which affect the situation of 300.000 refugees from Somalia and neighbouring countries as well as the economy, in particular tourism. In 2013, Kenya passed a law governing the work of civil society organisations which has made it difficult to implement their projects as well as getting work permits for international employees.

Geographical Areas

In Kenya we work in rural areas in Turkana and Bungoma as well as in in the capital Nairobi.


* Rural Development and Natural Resource Management
With an integrated approach HORIZONT3000 supports the development, improvement and maintenance of water infrastructure, the sanitation and hygiene situation improving the livelihood in the rural areas.

*Human Rights/Civil Society
Activities in this sector concentrate on peace building, reconciliation, women empowerment but also on lobbying and advocacy for specific rights, such as rights of women, children, youths and child headed households, and slum dwellers. Due to the rapid urbanisation and the huge problems in the informal settlements of big cities such as Nairobi, HORIZONT3000 is also contributing to assure access to basic services and income generation for the urban poor.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

The HORIZONT3000 programme addresses the livelihood of the poor and the marginalised in rural areas and empowers entrepreneurs in slums of the capital Nairobi. Women self-organised groups are also supported by our programme.



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