General Information

In Senegal, HORIZONT3000 implements with its partner organizations the programme “Rural Development to strengthen food security and income in Senegal”. HORIZONT3000 and its predecessor organisations have been working in Senegal since the 1990s.

Geographical Areas

The projects are regionally concentrated across central Senegal – starting from Thies area to Fimela, Fatick, Kaolack / Kaffrine around Nioro du Rip. Since a couple of years, the intervention area has been extended to Tambacounda.


The programme “Rural Development to strengthen food security and income in Senegal” is anchored within the HORIZONT3000 sector framework for Rural Development – Natural Resource Management, although it also entails an important component with regard to the promotion of civil society.

Areas of intervention and beneficiaries

In line with the concept of food sovereignty, the programme in Senegal integrates interventions at several levels in the field of rural development and strengthening of local civil society in order to provide a holistic and lasting contribution to improving the living conditions and livelihoods of the rural population. The programme reinforces local potential and tries to expand on best practices for the diversification and increase in agricultural production based on ecologically sustainable methods. Education and training on environmentally sustainable forms of production, hygienic processing forms, organic fertilizers and customized irrigation types are offered. Within all projects, exchanges between villages, farmers and their associations are encouraged and systematically strengthened. Market analyses provide the basis for the further development and strengthening of marketing strategies for agricultural products. The protection against soil erosion and salinization as well as reforestation initiatives and water management are as well at the centre of activities in Senegal. At the same time, the programme supports the strengthening of local, decentralized, non-politically oriented structures. Community based organizations, representing the people in a direct way, are trained for the cooperation and support of the local council. Another focus area is functional literacy, especially for women and young people. The target groups are associations of small scale farmers and producers, women, young people, institutions and organizations of civil society as well as local authorities.

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Partner Organisations

* Diocese of Rumbek
* Arkangelo Ali Association




Partner Organisations

* Harmee Education for Development Association
* Catholic Church of Gamo Gofa and South Omo
* Hosanna Vicariate

Member Organisations and Donors

* eRko


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