Country offices

Never without our partner organisations on site. At HORIZONT3000, this is not merely empty rhetoric, but words to live by. HORIZONT3000 has established country offices in regions in which it carries out localised programmes and projects on a long-term basis. They help us stay close to our target groups and partner organisations, benefiting the people in East Africa, Central America, Mozambique, and Papua New Guinea.






Project support

The responsibilities of the country offices include planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the respective portfolio, which can differ from region to region. In Central America and East Africa, this encompasses both financing projects and technical assistance. In Papua New Guinea and Mozambique, however, the portfolio has a clear focus on technical assistance only.

Technical Assistance Programme (TAP)

The country offices are the direct points of contact for partner organisations and technical advisors of HORIZONT3000 and are crucial in ensuring long-term high quality. The on-site staff is in direct contact with potential partner organisations and already involve the respective target groups in the planning phase. Their work also includes monitoring project assignments.


Engaging in constant dialogue with international stakeholders also is one of the most important tasks of the country offices. The staff stays in contact with local and international development agencies in the region and is in direct communication with the regional desks of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). Moreover, they also provide services to the member organisations of HORIZONT3000.

member organisations