What we achieve with foundations

Project services for foundations

Foundations are increasingly becoming important partners in the struggle against poverty, exploitation, and environmental destruction in the countries of the Global South. For this reason, we’ve been collaborating with Crossing Border and Medicor Foundation Liechtenstein for many years. Use our Project Map (in German) to see the Projects.

We work with medium-term country strategies and concentrate our efforts on three Sectors: Rural Development – Natural Resource Management, Civil Society and Human Rights, Education. All of our projects are evaluated according to their relevance to the Cross-Cutting Issues environment, gender, and HIV/AIDS. We also put great emphasis on Preventing Climate Change.

Our services to foundations:

  • Professional assessment and project placement
  • Support to foundation-relevant projects by providing qualified technical advisors
  • Rigid success and financial monitoring
  • Project documentation, donor management, attendance to project visits

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